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ShowChrome VANTAGE DRIVER BOARD, with 8mm Pin Block, For GL1800 Driver 2018-, DCT Models

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Show Chrome Accessories® offers a choice of comfortable and stunning matching driver and highway boards for the new 2018 Goldwing. The Beachcomber Boards and now Vantage Boards which are designed to be both the best function and the best looks. The Vantage Driver Board is recommended for the DCT models and mounts to the existing driver peg slot. The unique hinge design allows it to easily pivot up for tight cornering without hanging up. Includes Show Chrome Accessories® proprietary anti-rotation design for a secure locked in fit. Combine with the Vantage Highway Boards for a coordinated best in class look and function, that mount to the case guard brackets for true highway board strength and comfort. A custom 1” clamp is contoured to match the unique shape of the 2018 Goldwing case guards, which allows for a secure fit. These highway boards do not mount to the engine or cylinder heads, so any damage is all but eliminated if tipped or cornered hard. Show Chrome Accessories® proprietary anti-rotation design allows 360° of positioning in 15° increments for rider comfort. Additional optional accessories such as their stepped offset #21-312 allows raising or lowering the board 1 ½” as well as extending further out 2 ½”. All with 360° choice of positioning for true personal rider comfort. Use their optional Highway Lower Cowl Trim, to finish the look once the OEM case guard cover is removed.

VANTAGE DRIVER BOARD, with 8mm Pin Block, For GL1800 Driver 2018-, DCT Models, UPC: 725378979788 

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